Ludwig-Erhard-Allee in Recklinghausen

Ludwig Erhard Recklinghausen


The City of Recklinghausen

Project volume

EUR 4.5 million

Construction time

May 2017 – October 2018

The city of Recklinghausen wants to fill a gap between Dortmunder Str. and Breslauer Straße. The new Ludwig-Erhard-Allee is to be built in an approx. 700-m-long section behind the Recklinghausen main railway station. To this end, part of the current Ossenbergweg will undergo dismantling (approx. 170 m) and a section of approx. 530 m of brownfield land (formerly a colliery and railway site) will be developed.

In the course of new construction, a new combined waste water pipeline and a new rainwater pipeline will be laid along the entire length of the section. Along the construction's entire length, a 10-m-wide asphalt roadway and a pavement on both sides is to be built made of concrete paving stones, parking bays and tree slabs. Two new park and ride parking lots will also be built on the southern construction site.