Structural engineering and maintenance

Engineers from the Eiffage Infra-Bau Group have planned and brought to fruition many challenging architectural projects in Germany and Europe over recent decades: from rail and road bridges, tunnels, troughs and sluices to biomass and pumped storage facilities.

Müngstener Brücke

We offer our customers extensive specialist knowledge of construction, materials, methods and machinery. In addition, we also make our planning and management expertise available for construction site logistics. In cooperation with our affiliates – specialists in railway construction, tunnelling technology and in earth and road construction, reinforced concrete construction – we are able to implement complex, comprehensive projects for you completely from a single source.

Investing in transport infrastructure is crucial for growth, prosperity and the quality of life in Germany. Nevertheless, there is a spending shortfall of EUR 7.2 billion in new construction and maintenance of infrastructure per year - with disastrous consequences: traffic jams, detours, delays.*

According to the Federal Government, the most urgent problem concerns bridges: of the 39,440 German bridges on federal highways, around a quarter of the surface area must be repaired in the next ten years. This will cost around EUR 16 billion. North Rhine-Westphalia alone currently estimates investment of EUR 4.2 billion for the maintenance of bridges in its highway network.**

The State Ministers of Transport have therefore made modernising bridges a top national priority – a task in which we can help the public sector as our operative units have many years of experience and technical expertise in building repair, especially in the bridge renovation sector.

As the Eiffage Infra-Bau Group, we construct new infrastructure and revitalize existing structures.

* Commission Report "The future of transport infrastructure financing (Die Zukunft der Verkehrsinfrastrukturfinanzierung)" (2012)
** Report "Status on the upgrading of road bridges on federal trunk roads (Stand der Ertüchtigung von Straßenbrücken der Bundesfernstraßen)" (November 2016)