Why you should build with us

We still build ourselves
We excel with engineering expertise and meticulous work: Our specialists are able to master complex infrastructures such as motorways, high-speed lines and bridges as well as inner city redevelopments as well as sewer, commercial and residential construction. Staff at the local sites are experienced, trained and reliable.

We take care of the grass roots and the know-how within our Group

We are anchored regionally within our markets. We maintain long-term, trusting relationships with our partners. Customers benefit from the experience our Group has gained over decades, mostly in Germany but also in Europe and Asia. Our companies are among the leading competitors in the transport infrastructure and building construction segments:

We are always in close proximity to customers
The Eiffage Infra-Bau companies Eiffage Infra-Vortriebstechnik, Eiffage Infra-Hochbau, Eiffage Infra-Lärmschutz Eiffage Infra-Ost, Eiffage Infra-OWL, Eiffage Rail, Faber Bau, Heinrich Walter Bau and Wittfeld are located throughout Germany and therefore able to operate close to where customers and projects are. Eiffage Rail also has representative offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Taiwan, and

We benefit from our network of experts
Asking one is equivalent to asking them all: Eiffage Infra-Bau, Eiffage Infra-Vortriebstechnik, Eiffage Infra-Hochbau, Eiffage Infra-Ost, Eiffage Infra-OWL, Eiffage Rail, Faber Bau, Heinrich Walter Bau, Eiffage Infra-Lärmschutz and Wittfeld –our teams work hand in hand and can draw on the expertise that can be found in all Eiffage companies throughout the Group.

We are a part of a powerful Group
We combine fast, flexible teams from mid-sized companies with the financial strength and range of services of the Eiffage Group, the third-largest construction services provider in France and number four in the European concession and infrastructure market.

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