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Eiffage Infra-Bau SE and its subsidiaries have more than 150 years of construction experience across Germany, Europe and Asia. We design and build, we operate infrastructures and produce building materials. For many years we have been established in road building, construction and structural engineering.

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We combine the following companies in our Group: Eiffage Infra-Hochbau, Eiffage Infra-Lärmschutz, Eiffage Infra-Nordwest, Eiffage Infra-Ost, Eiffage Infra-OWL, Eiffage Infra-Rail, Eiffage Infra-Süd, Eiffage Infra-Südwest, Eiffage Infra-Vortriebstechnik and Eiffage Infra-West. Our specialists cover all areas of construction. 

In 2017, more than 2,400 employees generated a total output of EUR 639 million. Eiffage Infra-Bau is part of the Eiffage Infrastructures division of the French Eiffage Group (turnover in 2017: EUR 15 billion, 65,000 employees).

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Total output in 2018
645 m
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