Civil engineering and environmental technology

You always have to lay the groundwork first: Our specialists in the field of civil engineering develop sites for all kinds of uses and redevelop contaminated, industrial brown-field sites.

Emscherumbau Herne

Proper waste disposal is also a part of the reclamation process. We take into account legal requirements and the latest findings from the most modern construction methods.

Major sewer construction
Whether the work involves starting and finishing pits and pipe jacking with high groundwater levels, we find solutions for our customers even when construction is required at especially low depths or under difficult conditions. In heavy sewer construction, Wittfeld is one of the market leaders. For these demanding, often delicate earthworks, all companies have machinery available to them with cutting-edge drilling equipment. The service package also includes associated rainwater and sewer pipes.

Environmental and water technology
Creating dykes and water retention basins and optimising they way they are made is a vocation for Eiffage Infra-Bau companies, as is demanding hydraulic engineering for flood protection, for example. They have state of the art machines and equipment to test waste water facilities and drinking water quality.