Expansion of A3

Eiffage Infra-Bau has been assigned together with an external partner to expand the 71-kilometer A3 route between Biebelried and Fürth / Erlangen. The contract also includes the operation and maintenance of the line for a total of 30 years. The project on the A3 is the largest PPP infrastructure project that has been instructed in Germany to date.

From 4 to 6 lanes in 2039 days

Together with the ARGE partner, the 71-kilometer route between the Biebelried and Fürth/Erlangen interchanges is being expanded. The 5-kilometer route between Fuchsberg and east of the Geiselwind junction was already conventionally expanded to six lanes in 2018.

Eiffage-Infra-Bau is responsible for the technical management of the construction of the A3. This means that EIB represents the construction consortium vis-à-vis the client - in consultation with the consortium partner as commercial management. In addition, EIB is responsible, among other things, for monitoring construction work, obtaining building permits and concluding subcontractor agreements.

The start

The go-ahead was given in May 2020, and since then a lot has already happened in the various trades. Construction operations, including all the necessary infrastructure (three construction offices, IT, accommodation, etc.), have been set up, and there are more than 200 trade workers, 150 salaried employees and more than 100 external staff employed at the construction ARGE.

The progress

Public traffic is being routed past the future construction area in a so-called 4+0 traffic routing (rerouting of directional traffic from two to one directional lane in the area of a construction site). Outside the existing highway structure, earthworks for the final six-lane expansion have already been carried out.

A total of 91 engineering structures will be built:

  • 4 large bridges
  • 22 single-span overpasses in steel-concrete composite construction
  • 67 underpasses Irritation and noise barriers and retaining wall structure

Approximately 2.1 million tons of asphalt are moved in the road and civil engineering sector, up to 9,000 tons per day. The Eiffage team is responsible here for the construction of all road equipment, such as markings and signage. The project also includes the construction of drainage as well as nature and landscape works and the operational facilities.

Operation and maintenance of the entire 76-kilometer stretch for a total of 30 years until 2050 are also part of the contract. This means that winter services, green maintenance, repairs to the route and the repair of accident damage will be carried out by the consortium so that the route can be used safely and comfortably by all road users.