Southern Bypass B 58n Wesel

Eiffage Infra-West has been involved in the B 58n Wesel southern bypass project since September 2019.

B 58n Wesel



Project volume

EUR 35,2 million

Construction time

June 2020 - October 2022

It started with the contract for the line relocation and bypass of the B8 (project volume € 6.6 million), followed by the assignment of Eiffage Infra-West and Eiffage Infra-Spezialtiefbau for the second subproject for the construction of the bored pile wall (project volume €5.75 million). 

Straßen.NRW assigned Eiffage Infra-West together with Eiffage Infra-Spezialtiefbau for another project involving earthworks, dike construction, drainage and road construction, cut-and-cover and diaphragm wall construction as well as civil engineering structures (BW 2+3) and track construction.

This cross-company contract calls for the civil engineering expertise of all those involved. "The task is to develop a complex sequence of operations together in which one gear wheel meshes perfectly with the next one. With the profound expertise from our subsidiaries and our well-coordinated and structured team, I am sure that we are ideally equipped for this task," explains Roger Nebelo, head of civil/industrial engineering at Eiffage Infra-West. 

The project volume for the new project is about €35.2 million. It will run from June 29, 2020 to October 21, 2022.