Replacement of the Ruhr Canal “Yellow Overbridge”

Demolition and replacement of the Ruhr Canal overbridge 2184 - 3.182 - 1635.



Deutsche Netz AG, Duisburg


12,6 m EUR       
(joint venture)


August 2018 - November 2019

The existing structure is a dual-area, steel framework structure with a lower track. There is no passage impact and the individual support widths are 75 m (450 to canal area) and 34 m (150 to road area).The new abutments each weigh approx. 1,000 tons and were constructed away from the track and moved into their final positions.

The new steel framework superstructure has a span of 134 m, a width of approx. 8.70 m, a height of approx. 14.70 m and a weight of approx. 1,600 tons. It was brought into its end position by means of longitudinal and transverse movements (SPMTs + pontoons). All track-related tasks (demolition and new construction) were carried out during a 6-week line closure period (core construction period) during the 2019 school summer break.

The work included the following tasks:
•    large-area reinforcement of areas for storage, work and site equipment.
•    construction of a concrete covering in immediate proximity to utility lines
•    construction of the two new bridge abutments next to the railway track
•    construction of the new steel superstructure in a lateral position southwest of the bridge
•    dismantling/demolition of the existing steel bridge superstructures
•    demolition of two bridge abutments
•    excavation of new pits
•    demolition of the central pillar between L 140 (Ruhrorter Straße) and Ruhr Canal
•    production of two ground replacement bodies each consisting of 100 bored piles
•    positioning of the new abutments during a line-closure period
•    positioning the new superstructure over the Ruhr Canal and L 140 during line closure
•    track works

(aerial photo: K.-D. Gogoll)