Lippe road project

The Lippe road project is unique in Germany and the first PPP project where a private company is building local roads and maintaining them for 25 years. The contractual partners are the Lippe local authority in East Westphalia and Eiffage Infra-OWL.



Lippe local authority in East Westphalia

Project volume

EUR 136 m (gross)

Contract period

2009 – 2034

Whilst the local authority is still responsible for running the roads, Eiffage Infra-OWL are managing all construction work. They are preserving the substance and, for example, repairing wear and weather damage.

The benefits: The local authority saves follow-on costs as the condition of the roads undergoes improvement in the long-term; functional and safe roads are made available to citizens. The Bundesverband für Public-Private Partnership (PPP Association) bestowed the project partners with the PPP Innovation Award 2010 for the concept and partnership.